Appointments onlyAppointments only

Appointments only
for all visits including eye-tests, browsing, collections and adjustments

Maximum of 2 customersMaximum of 2 customers

Maximum of 2 customers
in branch at any given time

Temperature checksTemperature checks

Temperature checks
for staff and customers and protective equipment used where appropriate

Out of town locationOut of town location

Out of town location
Allowing you to drive up to the door avoiding busy areas

1. PPE

  • All our customer facing staff including opticians, dispensing opticians and optical advisors will wear face masks, visors, gloves and aprons in situations where they must get closer than 2 metres to customers.
  • Visitors and customers are permitted to use face coverings or masks in situations where the recommended 2 metre distancing cannot be achieved. This includes for eye tests, glasses dispensing and fitting or adjustment appointments.

2. Employee procedures

  • Staff are asked to observe all government social-distancing guidelines including maintaining 2 meters separation from other staff and customers wherever possible.
  • Appropriate PPE must be used where it is not possible to maintain 2 metres of separation.
  • Staff will observe government guidelines on self-isolation if they exhibit symptoms of covid-19. The current guidelines stipulate that anyone who experiences symptoms of covid-19 (fever or new persistent cough) should self-isolate for 7 days and anyone who lives with someone who shows symptoms should self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Staff will check their temperatures each morning before they start work and will go home and self-isolate if they have a fever.
  • Staff will wash hands or disinfect with hand sanitiser between each customer interaction.
  • Staff will clean and disinfect each frame, desk, and device that our staff or customers encounter immediately after each contact.

3. Customer procedures

  • Customers are asked to observe all government social-distancing guidelines. This includes maintaining at least 2 meters distance from staff and other customers.
  • Customers are also asked to follow current guidelines and wear a mask or face-covering in scenarios where they must get closer than 2 metres to a staff member. This will apply during eye tests, glasses dispensing and fitting. Masks will be provided for customers if they do not arrive with their own face covering.
  • A maximum of 2 customers will be allowed in the branch with one customer allowed in the testing room at any given time.
  • Customers are asked not to bring a chaperone into the branch with them unless it is absolutely essential (for example to aid mobility or translate). Children must enter with one parent or guardian only.
  • Customers are asked not to enter the branch more than 5 minutes before their appointment time. If the branch is at maximum customer capacity, then the person arriving will be asked to refrain from entering until a customer or visitor leaves.
  • All visitors entering the branch will have their temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer. If they have a fever, they will not be permitted to enter the branch.
  • All visitors to the branch will be asked to sanitise their hands with hand-gel provided at the door.
  • If a customer brings in a pair of glasses to be adjusted, we will ask them to wipe them down with a sanitising wipe before handing them over to us.