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  • 2 for 1 from £69 including single vision lenses2 for 1 from £69:
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  • 2 for 1 from £992 for 1 from £99:
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  • Designer 2 for 1 from £169 including single vision lenses2 for 1 from £169:
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  • Free react-to-light lenses with frames from £99Always prepared
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  • 25% off for over 60s on one pair including lenses25% off for over 60s:
    Look better for less
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2 for 1, free prescription sunglasses or Free Transitions lenses – January 2022 • Terms and conditions The 2 for 1 offer applies to all £69, £89, £99, £119, £139 and £169 frames – Buy any frame from these price ranges and get a second frame free. The offer applies to standard single vision lenses, standard £55 bifocal, £75 premium bifocal lenses, £75 basic varifocal lenses, premium £119 and freeform Wideview or Success Advanced Digital £169 varifocals. When you buy one pair of lenses from these ranges you will get a second pair from the same range free. The 2 for 1 offer is only available with plastic lenses. All tints, coatings and thinner lenses treatments from our extras list remain chargeable at full list price. Branded varifocal lenses such as Varilux, Zeiss, Nikon are not included in our 2 for 1 offer. Buy standard bifocal lenses with a £69, £89, £99, £119, £139 or £169 frame and receive a free pair of standard bifocal glasses with a frame from the same range (or one from a lower price range). Buy Specs Factory premium, freeform or Success Advanced Digital varifocals with a £69, £89, £99, £119, £139 or £169 frame and receive a free pair of varifocals with a frame from the same range (or one from a lower price range). We make sure that the same lens design and quality is used in the 2nd pair as paid for in the first.
If you pay for Wideview in the first pair, you get Wideview free in the 2nd pair. Customers can choose any two frames from the qualifying ranges and they will get the cheapest one free. For example, customers choosing a £139 rimless frame and an £99 2nd frame will pay £139 for the first pair and get the 2nd pair free. Lens extras such as thinner lenses, coatings and Transitions® are not included in the 2 for 1 promotion. If any extras are required on either pair of glasses, then these must be paid for in full on both pairs. The 2 for 1 offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer commences Tuesday 4th January 2022. Offer ends Saturday 2nd April 2022.

25% off the total cost of your glasses for Over 60s and Students • Offer terms and conditions Customers are eligible for this offer if they are over 60 years of age or if they are over 16 and in full time education. Customers are required to show valid identification to prove their eligibility. The offer entitles the customer to receive a discount of 25% off the total cost of their glasses (frames, lenses and extras).

The offer is available on the following • All frames in the £69, £89, £99, £119, £139 and £169 frame ranges. • Single vision plastic lenses in all available indexes including Transitions, and polarised lenses. • D28 bifocal lenses in all available indexes and Photochromatic options. • £119 Premium varifocal lenses and £169 freeform Wideview lenses in all available indexes, photochromic and polarised combinations.

The offer is not available on • Glass lenses • Any other lens product that is not on the standard Specs Factory pricelist. • Other branded varifocal lenses. • Reglazes – (customers can receive 25% off varifocal lenses when they have their own frames reglazed but they must pay the full £49 reglaze charge)